Editor’s Note

In the spirit of transparency, we have decided to finally let our readers know who we are instead of falling under the “Editors” moniker. It’s only fair right? Submitters send their personal works our way and we get to know them, so it reasons that you should get to know us.

Our schedules have only gotten busier since we have either graduated, changed educational programs, or have started working more. With only three people editing an online literary journal, our receiving the largest pool of submissions to date, and our diverse schedules our response time, and the release of this issue was delayed. For that we apologize. We still plan to release 2 issues every year for as long we can and to increase the number of editors on staff in order to maintain a timely schedule. Thank you all for your patience. We have not forgotten about you.

The world isn’t always so understanding or ready to be empathetic. That’s what we’re here for, which is not to say we are the singular answer or in one fell swoop that we can eliminate the stigma of mental health conditions, but rather serve as a haven for readers; a place where readers and writers can come and enjoy great, evocative literature and find comfort or another perspective on a complex situation, issue, or experience.

We continue to receive great work from our submitters, which makes us excited for the journal’s future. I am encouraged and grateful for the quality of work and honesty revealed from our contributors.

All of us on staff are still seeking to broaden the discussion aspect of our magazine. Yes, we said this in the previous editor’s note, but we will do this. Hopefully for Issue 4!

We live in a turbulent and sometimes scary world, which is why it is important, now more than ever, to continue to be sensitive to those affected by mental health directly or indirectly and to be helpful, supportive, and empathetic to a group that is all too often marginalized; a group that does not always get an opportunity to let its voice be heard, but whose words do and have the potential to resonate and linger.

With that, please enjoy Issue 3. We’re really proud of it and want to know what you think of it.

Keep at it,

David Garvey

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