The Trigger

Who will pull it
when it needs to be pulled?

Who will offer you what you need
to say it will be okay?

Who will stand before you
and tell you to stop?

Who will kneel over you
as you share the pain of your childhood
which has burrowed for many decades
in your torn up arteries?

Who will save you from yourself
on the day that you look into
the mirror and confess—
enough is enough?

Who will stop you
when you know you are finished?

Who will wait for you
and tell you it is not yet time.


Diana Raab, Ph.D., is a memoirist, blogger, psychologist, workshop leader, thought provoker, and award-winning author of 8 books and over 500 articles and published poems. Her passion and expertise is writing for healing, transformation and empowerment. She has been writing since the age of 10 when her mother gave her her first journal to cope with her grandmother’s suicide. She blogs for Psychology Today, The Huffington Post, BrainSpeak, and PsychAlive. For more information, visit: