What Lies Behind

I take off your face,
into the darkness

There is a silver
question mark
where your brain
should be.

Half an empty shell,
where your nose
should be.

Your bottom lip
still exists,
sewn tightly
in place,
in red.

Your soul
a circle halved,
by a feather.

Your throat is
by endless          white.

Your eyes are nowhere in sight.


Bethany Rivers has had many poems published in various magazines in the UK and USA (Envoi, Cinnamon Press, English Chicago Review, Blithe Spirit, Scintilla, Bare Fiction, Sarasvati, The Lampeter Review) and her first collection is due out with Indigo Dreams Publishing UK in 2016, called ‘Off the Wall’.  She also teaches Creative Writing and mentors writers through the journey of putting together their first book.  Bethany also works as a poetry therapist and runs poetry healing retreats, specialising in adults with mental health issues, depression and bereavement.  She passionately believes in the healing power of poetry and creativity.