Mild Traumatic (MTBI)

    Who is postconcussive?          I.
    When I get dismantled?         Crowds.
    Where is Monday?                  Not quite sure.
    Whose peculiar writing?       Mine.

Faces in paired photographs
refuse to match.

Can’t draw house from memory,
can’t name Tim’s six antelopes.
Rough skull bone should never
go dancing with the frontal lobe.

Trouble where my neurons meet,
Tigers in a swirl of geese.

Marcia is a poet, composer, and multimedia artist. Her second book of poetry, “A Crown of Hornets,” is forthcoming from Four Way Books (Spring 2019). Her first book, “Miracle with Roasted Hens, was released in 2011. Her poems have appeared in journals and anthologies such as Ploughshares, Southern Poetry Review; Prairie Schooner, and Painted Bride Quarterly. One of Marcia’s video poems was recently included in the Bath Fringe Festival in England, and her video for the music group Afro-Jersey was embedded in the New York Times article “Collaborating Across Cultures.”

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