Cameron Cross is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English with a focus in creative writing and a minor in marketing at the University of Illinois at Springfield. He expects to graduate in the spring of 2017 and would like to pursue a Masters in Business. Cameron is originally from the South Side of Chicago, is very passionate about reading and writing, and truly enjoys the art of creative writing. He is mostly inspired by his mother who is a licensed clinical social worker in Chicago with a strong passion and drive for the betterment of mental health services in all communities. After reading and viewing the submissions from different artists on the topic of mental health disorders, Cameron has felt uplifted during his own struggles with life. Amygdala is truly inspirational for Cameron, and he would love for everyone who is affected by life’s ups and downs to know they are not alone.

Valeria Cueto has been a high school English, history, and theology teacher throughout her seven years in education. She got her B.A. in English from Williams College and recently completed her M.A. in Education through McKendree University. She enjoys reading and editing on her spare time and is deeply committed to issues of social justice.

David Garvey is studying for his M.A. in Digital Publishing at the University of Illinois in Springfield. He serves as fiction editor for UIS’ online literary journals Uproot and Alchemist Review. David’s writing can be found in Drunk Monkeys and Alchemist Review. When he’s not reading or writing, he will often search for new music to justify his Spotify premium account.